Custom Pages & Widgets Plugin



Create custom pages with unique URL

Custom Pages plugin is use to create new page with unique URL and customize page design easily and visually, just using a simple TinyMce Editors.

Custom Pages Plugin allow to create new page or duplicate existing pages with unique URL.

Everything is customizable for a page to make beautiful & Awesome.

Key Features:

  • Admin can create new pages and duplicate existing pages with their own URL.
  • Admin can choose who can view this new page.
  • Admin can enable and disable any page.
  • Admin can enter content for New Pages only.
  • Admin can Edit, Delete all created pages.
  • Admin can choose Member Levels for each page.
  • Admin can easily access widgetized page.
  • Admin can choose to show header / footer for every page.
  • Admin can choose page will show in search results or not.
  • Admin can enter Meta Title, Meta Description for SEO use.
  • Admin can easily visit page on User End.