• Professional Articles Plugin

    Whether you have a community website and give your users the ability to write articles, “Professional Articles Plugin” for you.
    Change article url to any other url as you want like listing, blog, prayer, classified and etc.

  • Advanced Blogs Plugin

    Advanced Blog plugin provide your users their own blog and a great blog writing experience. Whether you have a community website and give your users the ability to blog, or want to create a blogging platform focused on publishing, “Advanced Blogs Plugin” for you.

  • Team & Sponsors Plugin

    Team & Sponsors plugin adds a “Team” and “Sponsors” section to the admin panel which allows you to showcase your staff / employees / people and sponsors/partners on your website the easy way. Your visitors …

  • Custom Pages & Widgets Plugin

    Custom Pages plugin is use to create new page with unique URL and customize page design easily and visually, just using a simple TinyMce Editors. Custom Pages Plugin allow to create new page or duplicate existing…

  • Auto Friends Plugin

    Auto Friends Plugin allows automatic friendship between selected members and everyone in the community including new registrations. If you want to be friends with new members, this is the way to do it.

  • Testimonials Plugin

    This plugin allowed users to create testimonial and best way to give positive feedback for your website. Testimonial Plugin will help you to display attractive and eye catching testimonials for your SocialEngine Website …